Is this the Right Time to Sell My Business?

Much is made of this being the right time or the wrong time to sell one’s busienss based on the economy, the political climate, or other outside factors.  IMO, the right time to sell is when you decide you’d be happier doing something other than running your business every day.  I’ve seen it all too often: an entrepreneur builds a business and eventually looses enthusiasm for it, until it becomes more burdensome than fun.  If he holds on to the business beyond that point, it slowly but invariably deteriorates, ultimately to to the point where it is no longer a salable asset.

Having said that, the economy for M&A has improved lately.  Some lender money is flowing and prospective buyers are, well, becoming real buyers.

In summary: if you are ready to sell, don’t let the economy or the M&A climate hold you back.  You can no more time the best moment to sell your company than you can time the stock market.

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