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EZValuation: Free Online Business Valuation

As professional M & A consultants, we have been valuing businesses for years. Based on our experience we have identified the key pieces of information we need to accurately and quickly value a business in more than 95% of all cases. We used that information to create EZValuation, our web based valuation calculator. EZValuation first asks a few questions to make sure that it can accurately value your business online. If it can produce an accurate estimate of what your business is worth, it gathers the necessary information by stepping you through a simple interview process and does the same calculations that we would do to produce a report costing a thousand dollars or more. This process takes about 10 or 15 minutes and produces a good estimate of what your business is worth. Go ahead and try EZvaluation.

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After you have received the valuation an optional report, downloadable in pdf format, is also available. View a sample report here.

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